Author Topic: Performers for hachisounds 2011 needed!! :)  (Read 695 times)

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Re: Performers for hachisounds 2011 needed!! :)
« on: November 23, 2010, 12:09:40 am »
Terms and Conditions

?   Performers should ensure that the performance form is completed and returned to the organisers by the 15th of January 2011 via email by printing and scanning the form and forwarding the form to the events main email Otherwise you will be able to also send the forms to the organisers Jake Tejada ( or Mike Abanilla?s ( emails.
?   The organisers mentioned above will need to be notified if any changes need to be made before the day of the event (29th of January 2011) by emailing to the emails above or to Jake on 0432454387.
?   All performers hereby agree that the organisers of this event (HACHIsounds) employees/staff will not be liable for any damage or injury irrespective of the cause that may be incurred or sustained whilst participating in the event.
?   All performers listed on this form are entitled to free entry to the event. Persons listed will be checked for free entry at the door.
?   Each performer indemnifies the Organisers against any loss or liability incurred by the Organisers arising from any claim or proceeding by any person in respect of any wilful or negligent act by the performer.
?   All performers are responsible for their own equipment and possessions. No responsibility will be taken by the organisers for any lost or damaged equipment or personal possessions.
?   All performers are responsible for providing their backing music on Audio CD. NO CASSETTE, MP3 format discs or iPod.
?   Performers must report at the venue at 1 hour before their performance.
?   Pre-show rehearsals will be restricted to space available at the venue (backstage/waiting room). Performers should arrive ready to perform. Late comers will not be entertained.
?   Only performers are allowed backstage and on stage.
?   All performers are ?volunteering? to perform at the event.


?   Bands/Musicians/Vocalists will be provided the use of 2-3 microphones and stands for vocal use, a 75W Jade bass guitar amp and a Sonor 3007 drum kit to use in their performances for time and quality reasons. Other equipment will need to be provided by the performers themselves. Given these privileges, the organisers expect all persons using the equipment to be respectful of the equipment as any misuse or abuse of the equipment will deem the user of the equipment liable for damages.   
?   Bands will strictly have 30 minute sets with also a strict 5-10 minute set up time before their performance.
?   Backing music must be submitted to DJ one hour prior to performance.


?   Dancers will have strictly up to 10 minute sets to perform unless stated otherwise by organisers.
?   No more than 10 dancers on stage at one time due to space and safety issues unless stated otherwise by organisers. 
?   Audio CDs must be submitted to the DJ one hour prior to the performance.

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