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Co-founder of HACHIsounds: Assistant to the Regional Manager
« on: October 27, 2010, 02:57:13 am »
G'day, I'm Mike.

A bit of background; I love music. Plain and simple, I can enjoy most genres but I'd have to say my forte is definitely within music that actually use instruments. Y'know, guitars, drums and that kinda stuff. I used to be into Jmusic a whole lot when I was younger, but honestly not so much anymore. Back then, it was all about the early era of VK bands like X Japan, Luna Sea, Dir en grey, early D'espairs Ray, MUCC and all that. I also used to love Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki (I know). It was because of Dir en grey that I actually picked up a guitar, and wanted to be as cool as them. I'll never forget learning Akuro no oka, 24ko cyllinders, and headbanging out to Hydra. Good times.

That was about 8 years ago though, haha. I still don't mind the odd Jsong once in awhile, it definitely makes me nostalgic and think awhile back. But I grew out of that phase and moved onto something that I am way more passionate about; **** music. I won't get into details, but quite simply I like heavy music; music that will move you even physically. Sure most people will argue that it's just "noise" to them, but hey, it's subjective. Anyway, I wanted to help Jake with this event because as I said, I love music. I love playing it and I love playing on stage to a crowd; hopefully you! I play for Rhythm Speaks as a guitarist. You can check out some stuff at . Jake is the drummer as well.

I have way too many favorite artists and bands that I am a fan of, but if you're already a friend of mine on facebook, you can check out my likes and interests there. All 124 of it. (don't worry, I only like bands/artists :) )

Oh! If you'd like to jam or want to do something band wise, let me know! Maybe you need a guitarist in your band! Maybe we can start a band! I'm always up for it. Maybe we'll make it big and travel around the world one day. Just maybe.

I hope to see you guys at the event, so come check it out and say hi to us! Don't be shy ;D
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i heard your pretty sexy on guitar.
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