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Introduce Yourself / Founder of HACHIsounds: Jake (Joseph) Tejada :)
« on: October 27, 2010, 02:28:07 am »
hey guys i'll start this off.

most if not all of you will know me as Jake Tejada. although in fact my real name is Joseph Tejada. Jake is my nick name and almost everyone calls me by Jake now including family and close friends. i am 22 years old and work casually in telecommunication sales and am full time in university doing Global logistics (1 more year to go). i am full filipino, love cars, love music, love Japan, love anime, going out, watching movies and video games.

i play drums for my band rhythm speaks and we have played at manifest, amaranth and armageddon expo in melbourne. i also know how to play bass, guitar and i can do a little vocalizing too lol.

favourite bands are Paramore, Emarosa, Maon Kurosaki, Abingdon Boys School, Nico Touches the Walls but i love so many more artists and pretty much anything that sounds good.  big fan of J rock and pop and k pop aswell as rnb, punk and again i'll say anything else that sounds good. :)

About HACHIsounds / How HACHIsounds started
« on: October 27, 2010, 02:14:52 am »
"HACHIsounds started off as Jake's (HACHIsounds founder) vision to create an event that will bring fans of Japanese and Korean music together to appreciate and celebrate the music.

Jake grew up around anime, manga, J Pop/Rock and K Pop from a young age and in grade 6 (primary school) picked up a set of drum sticks and learned the drums thanks to his dad. Jake is also very intrigued and interested in the Japanese language and culture. Because of these influences, it was only certain that Jake would love Japanese and Korean music. He is in a band with his HACHIsounds co-founder Mike (Guitarist) that have played at pop culture events such as Manifest, Amaranth and Armageddon in Melbourne where they played anime/Japanese cover songs. Jake decided to make his own event due to his love for this music and because there were no events in Melbourne that could not cater his intentions.

Jake and Mike decided to call this concert event HACHIsounds because of a few factors. After a few days of thinking of a name they decided on HACHIsounds because:

1. Hachi (八) means 8 in Japanese BUT it also is a lucky number in Japan which Jake and Mike thought would bring some luck with the concert.
2. On MSN messenger, Mike was playing around with the keyboard when he accidentally came across the icon code for the music note symbol which is ( 8 ). Jake and Mike thought this was a good sign.
3. Jake and Mike decided to make it HACHI "sounds" because the concert is all about music and the sound of music is what we appreciate.

HACHIsounds is a concert night developed by fans of Japanese and Korean music (but not limited to) for fans of Japanese and Korean music. Local bands, dancers, soloists, instrumentalists, etc, are invited to perform and show case their talents to the HACHIsounds audience. It is early days but with the help of Melbourne fans of these music styles, HACHIsounds can grow to be an event that everyone can look forward to each year while growing bigger and better every time."

(HACHIsounds Founder)

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